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Al Rawnaq Contracting & General Maintenance Company

Al Rawnaq Contracting & General MaintenanceAl Rawnaq Contracting Company provides comprehensive services in the field of construction. The company works to implement construction projects accurately and professionally, putting quality work and customer satisfaction first.

The construction service provided by Al Rawnaq Company includes:

Project Planning: Comprehensive project planning services are provided, including requirements analysis, blueprint design and cost estimation. All technical and engineering aspects of the project are studied to ensure that the required objectives are achieved.

Building and construction: The company undertakes the implementation of building and construction operations based on approved plans and designs. Work is done skillfully and proficiently to construct buildings and facilities with high quality in accordance with engineering and construction standards.

Project Management: The company provides project management services to ensure that the project is implemented effectively and on time. This service includes coordinating working groups, monitoring progress, and managing resources and budget.

Engineering Design: The company provides engineering design services for projects, ranging from the design of preliminary engineering plans to the detailed design of the various structures and systems required in the project.

Quality Assurance: Al Rawnaq places quality at the heart of its work. The company follows strict quality assurance practices to ensure that projects are executed to the highest levels of quality and technical requirements.

In short, the construction service provided by Al Rawnaq Contracting Company includes comprehensive project planning, building and construction, project management, engineering design, and quality assurance. The company works hard to achieve clients' vision and deliver superior construction projects in accordance with international standards.